Excellent Bridle Fit Session

Outstanding First Bridle Fit CPD Session

We started our first CPD event of 2020 with a debut session looking into Correct Bridle Fit. The session was delivered by Herts based, Olivia Turner, Animal Behaviourist and Bit and Bridle Fit Expert in Cambridge on 28th February.

Attendees firstly observed a presentation looking into the fitting and measuring elements of a bridle, with particular care to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), bulbs of ear and the eye. We  moved on to hands-on measuring bridle pieces to fit a model and analysing a range of photographs for correct  fit.

We then moved on to testing our rein tension strength with scales and mock reins. It was surprising the pressure that was exerted – some more than anticipated and others less. 

Attendees had been asked to bring a bridle and these were then anonymously assessed by peers and elements recorded that people had learned could cause concern. With a wide variety of styles of bridle on display: polo, dressage, western, hunter we had a great choice to analyse.

Attendees all expressed that they will all be re-assessing their bridles, taking care with their buckle placements; but the overall comment that was heard throughout the session was: “cheek pieces”. It seems we are all returning and checking we have the correct length of cheek piece to ensure optimal fit.

E-horse are really pleased that this session left attendees very enthused to embrace new practices to help improve the comfort and welfare of their horses.

A highly successful start to the E-horse CPD programme for 20

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