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It’s been over three weeks now since we all packed up and moved 300 miles westwards from Hertfordshire to the North Cornwall farm- family, animals and business in one go. And so far so good- ish. Our internet works, we’ve been to the beach, only had one day of water pouring through the ceiling in the old house (!) and we have managed to keep the family pony alive (despite his EMS flair ups due to now being on a beef farm- EMS and beef fattening grass do NOT mix- track system in planning!)

We would really like to thank you all for your lovely words and support regarding our move. To answer a few of the questions: unfortunately, yes- this does mean we will currently not be running any more face to face sessions in the eastern region for the Autumn 2021/Spring 2022 period.

However, we hope to be able to be running sessions in the South and Eastern areas towards the end of next year 2022- so stick with us if you like the face to face sessions!

Website Upgrade

However, we hope to be able to be running sessions in the South and Eastern areas towards the end of next year 2022- so stick with us if you like the face to face sessions!

 We had our website upgrade the end of May/start of June. We want to thank you for bearing with us during the upgrade. We know a few of you had issues logging on or suddenly not being able to gain access. Apologies for any down time. Technology is fantastic when it works; but it did have a little hiccup.

100 % Pass Marks

Our online courses are proving to be incredibly popular with Horseowners and those seeking BHS CPD with many being completed everyday currently.  We were very impressed with some of our recent students achieving 100% full marks on their end of course assessment- an outstanding achievement to you all who have recently passed- well done!

If you would like to start a course all courses can be accessed here

Fully onboard with UKRS

We made the decision in June that ALL of our courses will now be run under the Accreditation of UK Rural Skills Awarding Organisation (UKRS). We want all our students to be gaining a recognised certification to help build their professional skills and improve their academic portfolio.  

UK Rural Skills provides an accreditation and certification service  through high quality,  quality assured training, professionally delivered by UKRS training providers. All courses that E-horse  develop and accredit are developed in line with National Occupational Standards  (NOS) and must pass strict criteria to be added to UKRS.

UKRS are specialists in rural training and their mission is to enrich rural communities through:

  • raising standards
  • increasing efficiencies
  • putting safety first
  • boosting productivity
  • empowering individuals
  • developing businesses
  • growing the rural economy

We do encourage that if you are seeking professional courses, do ensure that they meet the required standards and the end result is via a recognised and regulated organisation.

Newsletter and Social Media

Please do keep up to date with what we have planned by ensuring you have signed up to our newsletter and are with us on social media. If you, or any of your friends would like join with us you can sigh up to our newsletter here and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please do share to any interested horsey friends!

 Take care and stay safe all. 

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