Its Sunday…so that’s a colic then!

This little baby was my best friend last night. As some of you know, (from my personal Facebook updates if you are friends or follow me), our little Chocci pony got his knickers in a twist due to the local ploughing match being held next door and came down with a  stress spasmodic colic last night (yes- typically a Sunday evening!).

Our stethoscope was of great use listen to gut sounds and heart rate in our observation of suspected colic

Yes- he is OK this morning after Vet visits, meds, care and observation overnight. And I know this sounds like an ad for our products; but I am so glad I had re-gone through our Colic course recently. It really made me stop and look at Choc yesterday when he started looking a bit “off” and not his normal self; and it all clicked into place: observe stretching to wee, bum sitting on wall, ears, shifting legs etc…leading onto the tummy look and kick.

So, it was in for membrane check, temperature (he was not happy about that!), skin pinch, respiratory/heart rate and getting my stethoscope out and have a quick tummy gurgle listen.  Then it was call the vet, explain what was happening and act on their advice whislt waiting for them to arrive.

Our Little Chocci pony awaiting vet for suspected colic 26/09/2021

As I had a little think about what would happen now we have moved when going through the colic material we managed to make sure our action plan was working- can we get a trailer if needed, unlock entrance gates, make sure enough light and power (we have old barn stables without plugs); for us -who can look after children if we need to take Choc to vets? All simple things that sound a bit silly when awaiting the vet; but if Choc had deteriorated and he had to be moved fast we could have done it.

He is now pooping delightfully (and I’m out counting them!) and his tummy is gurgling and “plopping” nicely now. So I am thanking my £15 amazon stethoscope (as recommended on both our first aid and colic sessions)  and our E-horse colic course for stopping me having a horse-mummy wobble (as you do when its your own!).

Naturally we are going to do a bit of a plug…so here is the link to the certified course if you would like to try it: https://e-horse.co.uk/product/equine-colic-horse-owners-online-cpd/

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