Welcome to 2022..and our first Bitless Bridle session!

And suddenly we are straight into the second week of January 2022! It seems odd that only 10 days ago, we still had the glow of Christmas on us and we were celebrating the start of a new year with all of its possibilities. But it is great to get back into the office and be preparing our 2022 sessions an courses.

Our first session in January is one we have been very keen to deliver for a long time: Bitless Bridle Transition- a Behavioural Consideration 

 Many horse owners are keen to discover how to fit bitless bridles; and we wanted to bring you a session which investigates the transition to bitless from a behavioural aspect. This session is being delivered by the renowned equine behaviourist Kayna Prescott.

Kayna is a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist  (CCAB) registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) and is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians.

Kayna completed her BSc Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Biology in 2005 and has worked across the world on research projects. She has travelled to Mongolia to study the behaviour of the Przewalski horses living wild after a successful reintroduction programme.Kayna has owned, competed and trained her own horses since childhood and spent several years enjoying daily riding through the African bush. Since returning to the UK Kayna has developed her own private consultancy Brighter Equines. She is also an Equine Sport Massage Therapist (IAAMT) holding qualifications in Bit and Bridle fitting (LANTRA) and is a member of the World Bitless Association. Kayna currently works as the Lead Behaviour Consultant for The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon.

We cannot think of anyone more qualified as an equine behaviourist and an all round,  hands-on horse professional, to discuss bitless riding and  bridle fitting ensuring high welfare and care of the horse.

This online session has been approved by the British Horse Society for Accredited Professional Coach CPD. It is to be held online on 31st January 2022 7pm and the learning objectives are as following:

  1. Understand the different types of bitless bridles available and where they apply pressure.
  2. Recognise signs of pain in the horse and the effect of oral pain or constriction on horses movement.
  3. Recognise how bits and bitless bridles give different physical cues to the horse.
  4. Understand how horses learn what different rein aids mean and why horses need to be trained to be ridden bitless
  5. Implement a transition from bitted to bitless

This event will be recorded and is available for viewing after the event. Tickets : £10.00

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