E-horse Online Learning offer Horse Owners CPD courses and UK Rural Skills (UKRS) Certified training that can be studied online.

The courses are run solely online and upon successful completion and assessment, the participant will receive a UKRS Certificate  (UKRS Certified courses only) which is valid for 5 years; or an E-horse CPD Certificate.

We aim to keep our courses affordable and many can be completed in 30 minutes *


Online Emergency Equine First Aid Course

A UKRS Certified Course.

A guide to know how to cope in an emergency. An online training course to help update skills and build confidence.

Our most popular course with excellent feedback

Within this 3.5 hour online course you will look at the following most common first aid issues


Principles and Rules relating to Emergency First Aid, Equipment and uses, Planning and Safety, Primary Assessment, Digestive Emergencies, Soft Tissues Emergencies, Respiratory Emergencies, Hoof Emergencies, Lower Leg Emergencies, Neurological Emergencies, Head, Eye, Ear Emergencies, Reproductive emergencies, Basics of Bio-security, Emergency Transporting,Post Emergency care

To achieve UKRS certification an online MCQ exam is completed at the end of the course.

UKRS Certification is valid for 5 years

UK Rural Skills Animals in Transit (Short Journeys) Equine
 UKRS Certified Course.

This online course will prepare you to take the test for Animals in Transit (Short Journeys) Equine  that is a legal requirement for transporting Horses in the UK in connection with an economic activity,* but is also offers invaluable knowledge for anyone transporting horses.

It is a great CPD Course to add to your welfare portfolio

Upon successful completion of this online course you can go on to take the Short Journey certificate. The course covers the theory aspects preparing trainees for their assessment  for the LANTRA Certificate * and is available to purchase online **

* (over 65km and up to 8 hours) accredited by Lantra Awards, City and Guilds or other Awarding Organisations that are approved for the animals in transit/horses qualification.

**This course is solely theory for the LANTRA exam. If you would like to take the examination- you will need to contact  a LANTRA examination centre to complete FULL LANTRA TRANSPORT CERTIFICATE * Contact us and we can help


We are able to offer a range of Professional online courses from UK Rural Skills (UKRS)  which are suitable for members of the equine industry and ancillaries. The courses are run solely online and range from 25-40 mins in length.
These are suitable for Managers and Employees and are fully certified.

Upon successful completion the participant will receive a UKRS Certificate which is valid for 5 years.

Social Media and Online Etiquette

Active Listening Skills

Dealing with Disruptive People

Developing People

Electrical Safety

Fire Prevention and Response in the Workplace

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Handling Aggressive Behaviour

Leadership Skills

Managing Change

Outdoor Work – Heat and UV Exposure

Sexual Harrassment for Managers

Slips, Trips and Falls

Social Media and Email Etiquette for Leaders

Success In My Organisation

Understanding Body Language

Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Workplace Mental Health for Managers

Equality and Diversity

Fire Prevention and Response in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment for Employees

Workplace Mental Health for Employees

Please contact us if you would like more information on our online professional courses