Equine Colic- Horse Owners Online CPD

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A new online course developed for Horse-owners.
* Introductory Price Available*


Equine Colic- Horse Owners Online CPD

NEW Online Horse-owners CPD Course  

*Introductory Price Available until 30th September *


A  course developed specifically for horse-owner to learn about equine colic. The course will investigate the following:  

♦ Anatomy and Physiology of the Digestive Tract

♦ Aetiology of Colic

♦ Classifications of Colic

♦ Signs of Colic 

♦ Colic Emergency First Aid Action

♦ Colic Surgery

An E-horse (Equine) CPD Certified Course.

    All the material is available for you to access online via our E-horse Learn Course system and you can start immediately. It is designed to allow you to cover short bursts of education when you can fit it in and is available to be accessed via mobiles and tablets (we also have an App!)

    At the end of the course there is an assessment (optional). To receive a CPD Certificate ( 1 hour) from E-horse (Equine) CPD Ltd you will need to pass the assessment. 



    Build your Equine Education portfolio with our CPD and UKRS Certified courses



    E-horse (Equine) CPD Limited Registered Training Provider: 10085698




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