Social Media and Email Etiquette for Leaders


A UKRS Online Course allowing managers to gain  knowledge and understanding in social media and online etiquette. A must for anyone using social media in their professional life and when mentoring staff.


A UK Rural Skills Certified Course.

Achieve a national certification from  a recognised accreditation organisation: UKRS

Over the years, the digital revolution has dramatically changed the way we communicate and share information. These changes have brought with them a whole new set of risks associated with privacy and security. These risks need to be managed in both our private and our working lives.


Modern digital technology offers a plethora of devices and formats that allow us to communicate freely, and often instantly, in video, still images and in writing. For most, the hand-written letter is a thing of the past, however, in business, the fundamental tenets of traditional writing etiquette remain unchanged, and are still an important part of maintaining a sense of professionalism in the digital age.

This programme will cover the key areas that can help you maintain an appropriate and professional approach to using a range of communication technologies at work.


Approx running time 34 min


All the material is available for you to access online via UKRS Partner systems.

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