Watch-On-Demand Webinar: Connection Training with your Horse: Build a better bond


An E-horse watch-on-demand webinar for horse-owners exploring how to start and advance your relationship  with your horse by Connection training


We welcome you all to our “E-horse-Bytes” Webinar series for 2020.


We are pleased to be able to bring you the recording of Connection Training with your Horse: Build a better bond webinar, delivered for E-horse by Olivia Turner Animal Behaviour Consultant & Equine Bitting Specialist.

Many of you have attended Olivia’s equine behaviour and bitting taught sessions with us previously; and we are very lucky to have someone so knowledgeable join us online to for a webinar looking into Connection Training

Within this session we will look at how you can improve you relationship with your horse by the use of Connection Training.

We will explore the theories of behaviour and how to work with your horse to build a better bond.



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We will be charging a nominal fee to watch this webinar to help cover administrative costs. 

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