Watch-On- Demand Lecture: Horse Enrichment: Keeping Our Horses Happy


An E-horse horse-owners watch-on-demand webinar to discuss improving horses well-being with enrichment methods.


We are pleased to be able to bring you the recording of Horse Enrichment: Keeping our Horses Happy webinar, delivered for E-horse by Olivia Turner Animal Behaviour Consultant & Equine Bitting Specialist.

Many of you have attended Olivia’s equine behaviour and bitting taught sessions with us previously; and we are very lucky to have someone so knowledgeable join us online to deliver this webinar looking into Horse Enrichment.

Within this session we will focus on:

Understanding normal horse behaviour and their daily behavioural needs.

Behaviour problems that arise from a restriction of these daily needs.

Increasing calmness and relaxation.

Enrichment activities to enhance their daily lives

This session is available free to those who attended the online session on August 6th 2020 or is available to purchase to watch-on-demand.

CPD Certificates available at end of session

Please ensure you have read of Terms and Conditions of Booking  prior to booking. By registering you will be included in our the E-horse Newsletter list.  You can opt out at any time.


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