In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have cancelled our Spring seminars. We hope to re-run them in the Autumn. Come back regularly to find out when they are running.

* We aim to keep over session affordable and in 2020 are able to offer reduced fees for all our sessions *

Summer 2020

Discovering Rider "Feel"- POSTPONED

Tuesday 23rd June 2020- POSTPONED

7pm-9 pm

Clothall Village Hall Ashanger Lane, Clothall, Baldock, SG7 6R


E-horse delighted to welcome Coach and Researcher, Eva Marunova, to deliver an evening session to examine how you can improve your rider “feel”.

Eva states: “‘You either have it or you don’t.’ Have you heard that one before? “”

“That is lazy coaching, I say. Everyone can learn how to develop their ‘feel’ in the saddle if we, as coaches, can describe to the riders what they should be looking for. “

“Of course, some people might naturally have a good ‘feel’ without actually knowing what they are feeling and some people might have to do some thinking and practising but everyone can develop the mythical ‘feel’, I promise

Within his this workshop, Eva will also draw on her experience of partner dancing (of over 15 years) as there are many parallels which will be explored together – be it rhythm or working together in harmony. 

This will be a fun, hands-on workshop with lots of different activities for you to get involved in and definitely some food for thought!

About Eva: 

Eva is an experienced coach who takes pride in delivering engaging and accessible lessons for all levels of riders. She uses sympathetic training methods for the horse and gives her riders the tools and confidence to become the best partner for their horses.
Eva has honed her skills as a coach mainly in the UK where she gained her BHSAI qualification but her desire to learn and explore different training methods also led her to pursuing interesting career opportunities in Portugal, Italy and the USA.
She is currently working towards a PhD in equine lameness at the Royal Veterinary College alongside running her coaching business ‘Empowered Equitation’


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