What is CPD?

CPD is Continuing Professional Development and is the process of tracking and recording the knowledge, skills and any experience you gain as you work. This is either formally (attendance and delivered information) or informally (self -directed).

Do I record it?

Yes. You should keep a record of any CPD you do both for your own growth and for auditing by some organisations.  Some membership organisation (BHS, ABRS, RCVS etc…) require you to complete CPD every year. 

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is where you capture all your learning and activities you have completed. It also can help you plan your CPD pathway. 

What can I use as a portfolio?

You can use any paper based booklet/file to store your CPD. You should try and time stamp it for auditing.Online tools are also available from providers (check with your membership body); but you can also use free software such as Evernote, Google Keep or One Note to record and photos, videos, and documents.

What is the difference between certification and qualification?

Qualifications are listed on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which is the national framework of UK qualifications:  such as GCSE, A level, AS level and vocational (work related) qualifications. A Certificate of achievement is issued by an Awarding Organisation for reaching the  competencies required in a specific area.

Why should I do CPD?

Completing CPD is purely your own choice. However, completing CPD allows you identify specific skills and knowledge in order to be confident within their proficiency and skill sets and achieve a  recognisable improvement and growth.

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